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1. Hakkımızda
(About us/About us - English)
Kıbrıs'ın batısında 10 dönüm limon ve portakal ağaçlarının içerisinde, muhteşem egzotik florasıyla ve hoş bahçeleriyle çevrelenmiş Villa Club yasemin kokularını içinize çekmek ve unutulmaz bir deneyim ...
2. island
3. Museums in Cyprus
(Local Info/Local Info)
... appointed to government posts in the distant islands of Lesbos, then Rhodes, and finally Chios. He continued his writings and died on the 2nd December 1888 in Chios. The two storied building was opened ...
4. Restaurants
(Local Info/Local Info)
... on the island and for this reason Coffee Mate and long life milk are the order of the day when it comes to tea and coffee. Despite the fact the island has had embargoes against it for some thirty years ...
5. Cyprus Villa Holidays
(Holiday Cyprus/Holiday Cyprus)
... the smaller islands nearby. For those who explore further than the local beach, Cyprus will both surprise and delight. Northern Cyprus is also developing its tourism. Holiday Villas in northern Cyprus ...
6. How to Get to North Cyprus?
(North Cyprus/North Cyprus)
... of Northern Cyprus, travelling to the northern part of the island is no longer a problem.  Turkish Airlines, Atlas Jet and Pegasus Airlines ...
7. Cypriot Cuisine
(North Cyprus/North Cyprus)
... dish is that it is not of Turkish or Greek origin, but was brought to Cyprus Island by Venetians who came to Cyprus prior to Ottomans. Due to etymological meaning Colocasia esculenta means "elephants ears", ...
8. Transportation and Driving
(North Cyprus/North Cyprus)
... Daily flights from many mainland Turkish cities, as well as flights from Europe, supply the majority of the visitors to the island. Airlines flying to North Cyprus are Cyprus Turkish Airlines, Turkish ...
9. History
(North Cyprus/North Cyprus)
...  responded by invading and Greece quickly pulled out, but the Turks weren't placated and took the northern third of the island, forcing 180,000 Greek Cypriots to flee their homes. In 1983 Turkish Cypriots ...
10. North Cyprus
(North Cyprus/North Cyprus)
... Time in terms of when things get done is a bit more relaxed then in most European countries. There is what has become known throughout the world as island time and the mañana (tomorrow) attitude is quite ...
11. Historical Places
(North Cyprus/North Cyprus)
... Bellapais Abbey is indisputably one of the most majestic sites of the island. It is the most impressive Gothic monument in North Cyprus. It overhangs citrus gardens which stretch out to the sea below. ...
12. Natural Life
(North Cyprus/North Cyprus)
... and extensive sunshine give large seasonal and daily differences between temperatures of the sea and the interior of the island which also cause considerable local effects ...
13. Entertainment in North Cyprus
(North Cyprus/North Cyprus)
... try to bet for the first time in their lives or experienced gamblers. Beaches Private Beaches Those who have already visited Turkish Cyprus would agree that this island has been designed by nature as ...
14. About Us
(About us/About us)
... will leave you with many memories of the Island for years to come, for the pace of life here is so different to what we all experience back at home" Perfect for Location in Kyrenia Cyprus, set in 10 ...
15. Beaches in Cyprus
(Local Info/Local Info)
... views and access to the Mediterranean. Keep heading towards the far end of the island for perfect sunsets and totally deserted beaches. Heading out east from Kyrenia in search of the beaches of Northern ...
16. History of Cyprus
(Local Info/Local Info)
... use now is believed to have come from the word copper of which there was, and possibly still is, an abundance of on the island. An alternative theory is that its name comes from the word Kypros (the Greek ...
17. Flora and Fauna
(Local Info/Local Info)
Due to its climate and geographic position, as well as relatively unpolluted environment, the island has a varied wildlife. It hosts up to 1,600 kinds of plants, 350 species of birds, and 26 different ...
18. Climate
(Local Info/Local Info)
The Weather in Kyrenia, Cyprus The Mediterranean climate, warm and rather dry, with rainfall mainly between November and March, favors agriculture. In general, the island experiences mild wet winters ...
19. A to Z
(Local Info/Local Info)
... Hotels and Villas Cyprus is a paradise island of incomparable natural beauty, full of unique historical treasures. North Cyprus provides a most hospitable welcome, with its friendly people, and its ...
20. There is sun
There is sun, sea, sand, fun history & solitude in Cyprus.....Escape to this tranquil island now. ...

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