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1. About Us
(About us/About us - English)
The Villa Club owner Mustafa is born and bred in Limasol-Cyprus. His wife Alison comes from Southend-on-Sea-UK. They had been married for 27 years and been running the Villa Club ever since.  They have ...
2. Museums in Cyprus
(Local Info/Local Info)
Museums Museums in Nortn Cyprus are generally extremely inexpensive to visit and really well worth doing so. They represent a staggering array of subjects, from displays of ancient archaeological remains ...
3. Restaurants
(Local Info/Local Info)
... in a number of locations in Northern Cyprus, particularly in Karaoglanoglu, Nicosia and Famagusta. They offer a Burger King or Macdonaldâ s style menu but the food is usually freshly cooked as you wait ...
4. Best Holiday Villas in Cyprus
(Special Offers/Holiday Cyprus Villas)
Cyprus is surrounded by the turquoise blue seas of the Mediterranean. Whether it is pebble or sandy beaches they are all perfectly safe to swimm. Northern part of Cyprus has some of the best beaches ...
... likely to wait for you, we cannot guarantee that they will do so. In the event that your flight is delayed and we have not been informed beforehand, and the taxi driver leaves the airport, we are unable ...
6. How to Get to North Cyprus?
(North Cyprus/North Cyprus)
... there are charter flights to Turkish Cyprus. As mentioned above, all the aircrafts flying to Turkish Cyprus are to touch down in Turkey. They usually make stopovers in ...
7. Banks & Currency
(North Cyprus/North Cyprus)
... gave us cake as it was their cleaners birthday) and a good quotation on Insurance Turkishbank Several Branches in Lefoka, Girne and Guzelyurt. They also have Branches in London, being Borough High ...
8. History
(North Cyprus/North Cyprus)
... by the Turkish population but opposed by the National Organisation of Cypriot Fighters, who wanted enosis or nothing. They began a guerrilla war against the British. In August 1960, Britain granted ...
9. North Cyprus
(North Cyprus/North Cyprus)
... generally the U.K. three-pin type. Banks and Currency In Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, numerous Turkish and Turkish Cypriot Banks operate and they are open from Monday to Friday ( except public ...
10. Historical Places
(North Cyprus/North Cyprus)
... were used as observation and defence posts. St. Hilarion, the best preserved of the three, was used as a summer residence by the kings of Cyprus. Its crenellated walls look as if they were cut in the rock. ...
11. Natural Life
(North Cyprus/North Cyprus)
...  can be seen in the hot summer months but they are by no means all poisonous. The only really poisonous snake in the Island is a species of viper. Most of ...
12. Entertainment in North Cyprus
(North Cyprus/North Cyprus)
... staying at the beach as comfortable as possible. They offer visitors sun lounges, bathrooms, sunshades, showers, bars and restaurants. Some of the beaches have special equipment for water skiing, banana ...
13. About Us
(About us/About us)
The Villa Club owner Mustafa is born and bred in Limasol-Cyprus. His wife Alison comes from Southend-on-Sea-UK. They had been married for 24 years and had been running the Villa Club ever since.  They ...
14. Beaches in Cyprus
(Local Info/Local Info)
... location is Alagadi or Turtle Beach. This is the next one along the eastern coast road and is actually two bays separated by a big sand dune! The bays are home to nesting turtles and as a result they are ...
15. History of Cyprus
(Local Info/Local Info)
... when the Ottomans arrived in Cyprus History: Venetian Rule in 571 the locals felt as if they had been liberated from slavery. History: Ottoman RuleThe Ottomans abolished serfdom and instated the Orthodox ...
16. Flora and Fauna
(Local Info/Local Info)
... animals. Both species return to lay their eggs on or near the same beach where they brooded. As sea turtles are sensitive to pollution and human presence, Northern Cyprus offers them a good opportunity ...
17. Climate
(Local Info/Local Info)
... 500 mm. The higher mountain areas are cooler and moister than the rest of the island. They receive the heaviest annual rainfall, which may be as much as 1,000 millimeters. Sharp frost also occurs in ...
18. A to Z
(Local Info/Local Info)
... by the Venetians in 1570, with the aim of protecting the city against a possible Turkish attack. The walls, which still remain almost as they were built, consist of eleven bastions. A charming mosque (Bayraktar ...
19. Customer Reviews
Let's start talking about it!” So they started. my site; femme enceinte rdv obligatoire et travail: ...
20. Customer Reviews
Before youu can send the right viodeo to the right lead at the right time, you need to understand where your leads aree in the buying process and what questions or obstacles they're thinking about. Also ...
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