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1. Museums in Cyprus
(Local Info/Local Info)
... the establishment of the day and in 1867 he and some colleagues fled to London, moving later to Paris and Vienna. He was allowed to return to Istanbul in 1871, but his play Vatan Yahut Silistre was the ...
2. Restaurants
(Local Info/Local Info)
... of the types of restaurants in Northern Cyprus rather than a restaurant should give you some food for thought! Family Restaurants Children are made to feel so very welcome everywhere you ...
3. Best Holiday Villas in Cyprus
(Special Offers/Holiday Cyprus Villas)
Cyprus is surrounded by the turquoise blue seas of the Mediterranean. Whether it is pebble or sandy beaches they are all perfectly safe to swimm. Northern part of Cyprus has some of the best beaches ...
4. How to Get to North Cyprus?
(North Cyprus/North Cyprus)
... however sometimes the airline company changes the aircraft. In this case passengers are required to wait in the transit lounge and obtain a boarding pass of their  ...
5. Banks & Currency
(North Cyprus/North Cyprus)
... Julie Younger who is currently opening some 50 accounts monthly for foreign purchasers. Contact Adress:16,Ziya Rizki Caddesi,Girne. Tel:0392 815 99 88/Fax: 0392 815 99 80. Iktisatbank Can provide ...
6. Cypriot Cuisine
(North Cyprus/North Cyprus)
... to Cypriot tasta both in preparation, taste and presentation. Some dishes even vary from region to region in name, preparation and taste. North Cyprus is fascinating and appealing to people who eat well ...
7. North Cyprus
(North Cyprus/North Cyprus)
... master and euro cards, checks etc... can be used in place of cash. Opening Hours Shops are open with some variations but generally Summer: 08:00-13:00 / 16:00-19:00 Winter: 09:00-13:00 / 14:00-18:00 ...
8. Natural Life
(North Cyprus/North Cyprus)
...  thunderstorms sometimes occur giving rainfall amounting to less than 5% of the total in the average year. In winter, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus ...
9. Entertainment in North Cyprus
(North Cyprus/North Cyprus)
Northern Cyprus provides all kinds of entertainment activities for sport keeners and those who prefer tranquil vacation. In case you haven't defined what type you are, look up for some tips which will ...
10. Beaches in Cyprus
(Local Info/Local Info)
... as five mile's located just after the large road side monument to the Turkish army which you can not miss. This beach has recently seen some sophisticated re-development and has changed from ...
11. Flora and Fauna
(Local Info/Local Info)
... 100 million in total, touch down on Cyprus on their way from Europe to Africa and back. Some remarkable examples are the Griffon Vulture, Hirundelle, Golden Oriole, Pochard, and the Cyprus Red Wheatear. ...
12. Climate
(Local Info/Local Info)
... occurs in the Mesaoria, with 300 to 400 millimeters a year. Variability in annual rainfall is characteristic for the island, however, and droughts are frequent and sometimes severe. Statistical analysis ...
13. A to Z
(Local Info/Local Info)
... Turkey, 70 miles from Syria, and 250 miles from Egypt. North Cyprus is some 100 miles long, 40 miles across at its widest point and has a total area of 1357 square miles, comprising nearly 36% of the ...
14. Ohloh Tracking of Joomla!
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Objective reports from Ohloh about Joomla's development activity. Joomla! has some star developers with serious kudos. ...
15. Customer Reviews
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16. Customer Reviews
... er_50_Here_Are_Some_All-New_Plans_For_Shaping_Up_Fast ...
17. Customer Reviews
... because this can cause a big impact on you and your family, socially and financially. Some of the considerations on which a professional can advise you include the results of home inspections on a house ...
18. Customer Reviews
... the apartment features and community amenities will also impact you. The truth of the matter is that Jack and his wife could have done something to prevent the burglary of his own home while sleeping through ...
19. Customer Reviews
... some time and was hoping maybe you would have some experience with something like this. Please let me know if you run into anything. I truly enjoy reading your blog and I look forward to your new updates. ...
20. Customer Reviews
... and even had a built wine rack, a thoughtful attention to detail. Having noticed some scratches in the teflon coated pan, I brought it to the owner's attention and the pan was replaced immediately with ...

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